Tiku Talsania has worked in more than 200 films

Tiku Talsania is one of the brightest actors in the country, today is his birthday on June 7, and on this special occasion, we are going to have a look at the important events of her life. The illustrious actor has played a co-star in about 200 films in his career which has been appreciated by many people. He started his acting career as a theatre performer as a performer.

If you talk about him, so he has worked in many successful serials, such as Zindagi, in which his performances have tied the audience to the serial. In addition, In Bollywood, he made its debut in 1986 in the film Pyaar Ke Do Pal. After that, the magic of his skills went on all, and as a serious performer, he set them up in this Bollywood.

Tiku Talsania is an Indian film actor, who is mainly active in Hindi cinema. Tiku has been acting in dozens of films so far, including films like Patel Ki Punjabi wedding, Mere genie uncle. Tiku’s recent release was Patel Ki Punjabi Shadi.

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