Rishi Kapoor opens up about his treatment, calls the procedure ‘long, tedious’

Ever since Rishi Kapoor announced his “short leave of absence from work” to head to the United States for his treatment, his fans, followers and well-wishers have been worried about the veteran actor’s health. Later when his photos started to surface on the internet and especially the ones shared by Neetu Kapoor wherein his industry colleagues, friends and family members were seen visiting him, the fans heaved a sigh of relief. 

But after months of silence, Rishi Kapoor has opened up about his treatment and recovery. The veteran actor is on his path to recovery and has put his work aside for some time. 

He has been quoted as saying, “My treatment is on, hopefully, I will recover soon and God willing I will return.” The actor also shared that the procedure is “long and tedious” adding that “one needs immense patience which unfortunately is not one of my virtue.”

Rishi Kapoor rang in his anniversary celebrations three days back with Neetu Kapoor and their close friends in attendance.

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