Prabhas Shuts Media’s Game at Once

Prabhas already holds a great fan base all over the country and beyond. His down to earth nature at all time is what amuses the people and day by day his actions and presence of mind add more to his fame as a perfect superstar. Let’s take the instance of how Bollywood media has been trying to get some spice our of Prabhas’ words with their Khan wala questions but look how the Saaho star shut their game up. 

Now that the Saaho team is indulging the Bollywood promotion of the film for it being the topmost of the Hindi belt, Prabhas is touring with Shraddha for the press meets and Hindi media interactions. Every time, the media personnel are seen trying to taunt and get some controversy out of Prabhas as they keep on asking if Prabhas is now ready to take on “The Khans”. Yet, Prabhas, as usual, kept his cool and finally, he gave a sound answer to their question. 

Speaking in a Telugu interview, Prabhas responded to this unnecessary taunt of Hindi media as he says, he knew that they are just trying to get something out by asking such questions but they know what Khans are and how they proved many things and that one can’t say a guy overtook Sachin just that he took 200 runs. Point. Isn’t it? 

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