On World Thalassemia Day, Hrithik Roshan has a strong message for us all!

Hrithik Roshan, on the occasion of World Thalassemia day, took to his twitter to share a strong message for the cause. Bollywood’s star took initiative for a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of young, underprivileged Thalassemia warriors in India.

The actor took to his social media and posted, “Today, on #WorldThalassemiaDay, by posting this picture of half my face, I’m supporting #AadhiwaliZindagiMitao by @_TWFofficial to remind people to get tested for Thalassemia & prevent giving their child half a life”.

Hailed as Asia’s sexiest man, Hrithik Roshan has another side to himself which makes him the Superstar of the Millennium in the true essence of the term- for not just the glamour of it but the sentiment that he carries towards his audience and fans.

Having gone through multiple obstacles in his life and emerging victorious, Hrithik himself suffered from a few conditions and overcame each and every one of them with rigor and determination, bringing out the beloved actor as a true inspiration. Since a very early age, he was also agonised with stammering and faced a constant battle with fluent speech, which he overcame with time.

After dealing with a recent obstacle, Hrithik is back to fit and fab after battling the injuries and the testimony of the same is the recent series of video that surfaced where Hrithik Roshan was seen working out with an intense regime.

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