Lenovo’s prototype Foldable phone leaked

Many smartphone manufacturers are working on a foldable phone but apart from prototypes and reports, there is nothing much to go on on. However, Lenovo’s foldable phone, which seems to be still under development. The video reveals a phone that quite tall but can be folded and is still perfectly operational with the touchscreen still working. However, the device doesn’t exactly fold flat and there is a curve around its spine from where it bends, reminding us of the Microsoft Surface Book 2’s hinge.

The video reveals the device’s thick bezels on the top and bottom, and the soft navigation keys are also present. There is also a black spot on the center-right edge of the display, which seems like an issue with the prototype rather than the technology. It is quite similar to the Cplus flexible prototype phone that the company showed off at the Tech World Conference back in 2016. The CPlus wrapped around a user’s wrist like a watch but the leaked phone in the new video seems like an actual phone. The CPlus came equipped with a 4.35-inch AMOLED screen and a real leather back.

Apart from Lenovo, there are other smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei that have confirmed of working on a foldable/bendable phone.

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