How to use internet every day to Earn thousands of rupees

Nowadays, the smartphone and Jio Internet become a commonplace. Everyone has both of these things. With recharge of Rs 399 or more in Jio, the Internet is available every day for around 1 GB or 2 GB. Almost the vast majority of people can not use this internet every day. Uses more than 500 MB and the rest of the internet will end automatically when the Internet is over or the West goes away. The reason for this is that people use the Internet only for social sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and internet consumption is reduced to open such sites so that additional internet services are automatically expired at the end of the day. Friends, today we will tell you how to use this internet service and how to get the maximum benefit? So let’s know.

  • With the help of internet, news paper on every region and every language can be read online and PDF file can also be downloaded as an e-paper.
  • There is a lot to teach children through educational, sports, child stories, child-lyrics and prayer videos available on the Internet.
  • Photo, video, and document can be saved in an online drive or cloud. By doing this, the storage will increase on our mobile phones and our work photo, video or document can be opened anywhere and any other mobile or computer or even with the help of it.
  • With some applications, light bill and telephone bills can be filled at home, train and bus tickets can also be booked with a discount.
  • With our friends or country-abroad, Facebook or Whatsapp can be absolutely free to talk or even make a video call.

Earnings by internet

  • Selling or re-selling of a product through Facebook or WhatsApp can be done.
  • Creating a YouTube channel earns it by sharing new videos.
  • You can also earn by creating a blog or a website.

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