‘Chandrayaan 2’ Bollywood celebrity react on successful launch

ISRO launched its highly anticipated mission ‘Chandrayaan 2’ to the Moon today at 2.43pm IST from a launchpad in Sriharikota. The original launch date was planned for 22 July however due to some technical snag the launch date was postponed.

The mission ‘Chandrayaan 2’ is a follow-up to ‘Chandrayaan 1’, which confirmed the presence of hydroxyl on the Moon in the year 2009. The mission consists of an orbiter, a lander called Vikram and a rover called Pragyan. According to ISRO, the Vikram lander will make a soft-landing on the surface and release the Pragyan rover on 7 September 2019. The mission will go to explore the unexplored region from the lunar South Pole.