Beauty benefits of turmeric

Turmeric contains many medicinal properties, it can be used to repair many problems related to skin and beauty. Turmeric not only provides many health benefits, but can also be a miracle if included in daily beauty systems. Experts believe that this yellow spice has unimaginable benefits.

De-pigmentation: Application of turmeric with honey and lemon on the face for 20 minutes clears blemishes and reduces hyper-pigmentation. A paste of turmeric powder, triphala and chandana mixed with rose water acts as a natural defoliator and removes hyper-pigmentation marks from the body. Apply this paste thrice a week before bathing. For de-tanning, boil coconut oil with two rhizomes of turmeric powder. Daily application of this restores natural glow of the skin.

Cures acne: Due to its anti-bacterial properties, turmeric is very effective in treatment and prevention of acne. It helps in destroying the acne causing bacteria, while also removing excess oil from the skin. Application of paste of turmeric, sariva (hemidesmus indicus), manjistha chandan (ruba cordifolia), yashtimadhu (liquorice) and neem over the face for half an hour clears blocked skin pores, improves facial blood circulation and prevents acne.

Lighten skin: Turmeric is widely used to successfully secrete the skin. A whitening mask can be made by mixing turmeric with lemon juice. The natural whitening properties of lemon and the antioxidant properties of turmeric make it a powerful combination.

Cracked heels: It has a very good therapeutic effect, turmeric can be used to soften high heels. Aloe vera and turmeric can be applied slightly on the heel to soothe the soles of the feet and repair broken broken. For smooth high heels, add a few drops of ginger butter to two tablespoons of coconut oil or castor oil and put on the heel rupture every night.

Reduces stretch marks: Apply a paste of turmeric powder with khadir and triphala, mixed with almond oil three to four times a week before bathing. This helps in reducing stretch marks, reduces laxity of skin and tones the skin.

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