Asia Cup 2018 : Bangladesh need to overcome their tendency to defeat India in the finals

Fans of a country of about 200 million people finally believe they can overcome high-quality opponents, which is also the most important. After three goals, Bangladesh miraculously lost the game seems unsuccessful.

Early in the quarterfinals of the 50th World Cup in 2015, they left behind 109 runs from their neighbors. It was this match that sparked fierce competition between the two teams, especially after Bangladesh considered it harshly treated by the referee. He even pushed the head of the Bangladesh Cricket Commission, Mustafa Kemal, to say: “The referee is not good, they seem to have thought about something, I am a fan, not the president of the International Criminal Court.

Frankly, the loss to India is hard to digest. Bangladesh may think it is good enough, but it knows the harsh truth. The team may still learn the art of winning. The 2015 World Cup is a turning point, but there is still a long way to go before the team reaches the standards they set for themselves.

They need this loss in 2015 to motivate them and move towards greater goals. But as history showed, after a year of T20 world, they stumble again. Last year in the Champions League final, the mighty Tigers entered the Indian team, but they missed it. Along with the final 2016 Asian Cup, the back of the model.

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