Anushka Sharma take Selfie with “Anushka” in Madame Tussauds

Anushka Sharma wax statue: Becoming a part of Madam Tussaud for any actor, of course, shows her popularity and success. And now Anushka Sharma is also enjoying this thing. It was already reported that Anushka Sharma’s statue will be installed at Madame Tussauds in Singapore and it has now been exposed. Anushka Sharma himself shares his glimpse for the fans.

The special thing is that Anushka Sharma was very excited about seeing his own statue and he also took selfies with Anushka Sharma. Let’s say that this wax statue of Anushka Sharma has been made in Selfie Pose and Anushka is looking at it looking very excited in pictures. Let’s say that this interactive statue of Madam Tusad’s branch Anushka Sharma of Singapore has been found and it is not in any way less than the beauty of Mrs. Kohli.


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