Akshay Khanna’s mother Geetanjali Khanna passes away at 70

Geetanjali Khanna, ex wife of late actor Vinod Khanna and mother of Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna, breathed her last at her Alibaug residence yesterday after complaining of uneasiness. Although the exact cause of the death is yet to be known but turns out the 70-year old was already suffering from a heart ailment. Speaking of which, a source close to Indian Express revealed, “The two sons along with their mother keep visiting their farmhouse in Mandwa. Geetanjali and Akshaye came around 11 on Saturday morning. It was in the afternoon when she complained of uneasiness. She was taken to a local doctor, who prescribed her some medicines.”

Turns out Geetanjali went to sleep soon after medication however between 9 to 10 pm on Friday night, when Akshaye checked on her, he found her body temperature unusually dropping low as the source added, “Akshaye called Rahul up and both of them, then, took her to the civil hospital, where she was declared brought dead.”

Geetanjali’s funeral took place earlier today. Not to forget, just last year, Vinod Khanna had passed away after battling advanced stage of bladder cancer. Geetanjali and Vinod Khanna got married in 1971 before getting divorced in 1985. May their souls rest in peace.

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